ICS Rehearsal Apr2017

Like all choirs and many musicians in the country, we are eagerly awaiting guidance as to when we will be able to meet up and start singing again.

There has recently been some encouraging news with professional artists allowed to rehearse and perform again in certain controlled circumstances along with the commitment from government that much needed research into droplet and aerosol transmission from singers and wind instrument players is to be undertaken. Until the results of this work is known, singing and playing of wind and brass instruments are considered high risk activities when it comes to the potential transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Many of the committee and choir members have been active in writing to their MP’s highlighting the need for the research, so we will be able to implement the appropriate measures when we are able to start rehearsing again. The committee are meeting regularly via Zoom to ensure we are fully up to date with the current guidance and regulations and will be ready to go again when the time comes.

Meanwhile, we have not been idle, we have been dusting off out technical skills, holding meetings and social events online, along with Zoom rehearsals and learning how to put together a virtual choir performance. There are even plans to brush up on our music theory.

We will be well prepared, to keep both choir and audience members safe and well when we do start singing again.

Phil Powditch
Chair ICS