Notes in time

In May 2014, Ipswich Choral Society was awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund grant to research and preserve its history. Members of the Society have been searching libraries, museums and collections for mentions of or artefacts connected with Ipswich Choral Society and the people who have been associated with it. “Notes in Time” documents the research undertaken, describing the formation of the Society in 1824 and its impact on the Ipswich arts scene over 190 years.

Interested in finding out more?

Ipswich Choral Society are keen to share their research findings about the history of the Society, as well as the experience of carrying out the research project. Contact Graham Popple via the contact page of this web site to arrange a talk for your local group or request a copy of “Notes in Time”, which is available for a suggested donation of £5.

Notes in time book