Roy Everett, accompanist

Roy Everett has been a rehearsal accompanist for several musical groups in Suffolk for the last forty years. He was encouraged to learn the piano by his father, who was an assistant church organist, and by the age of ten was frequently called upon at short notice to accompany church singing on the piano. During his secondary schooling he learned the flute, but it was only at university that he began choral singing when he was encouraged to join a university choir, as a bass in the Bach B minor mass and Faure’s Requiem.

Upon moving to Suffolk from London in 1975 with the Post Office Research Department, he joined Ipswich Orchestral Society as a flautist, and in 1977 Ipswich Choral Society as a bass. He began deputising for the regular accompanists both in ICS and Trianon Music Group in the 1980s.

As well as being ICS regular rehearsal accompanist for nearly three decades, he occasionally accompanies solo singers and small ensembles a local events. Additionally, as a stand-in accompanist he frequently is called on by several other musical societies in Essex and Suffolk. After a long career with BT and elsewhere in electronic engineering and information technology, he began training as a secondary school science and maths teacher. Now semi-retired, he spends time supplying private maths tuition. His amateur musical activities have grown to fill the time available but plans a return into IT for the next five years.