The Ipswich Choral Society is a friendly choir of some 80 members, formed in 1824 and is the second oldest choral society in England. The Society has attracted a membership with a wide range of musical experiences and has entertained the public with performances across a varied musical repertoire.

We meet every Tuesday evening, rehearsals start at 7.30 pm in Northgate Arts Centre Sidegate Lane West, Ipswich IP4 3DF.

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Ipswich Choral Society rehearsals will continue via Zoom for the start of the new term until further notice. All current ICS members will have received a letter from Phil Powditch, Chair of ICS, regarding the arrangements for the new term and…
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Like all choirs and many musicians in the country, we are eagerly awaiting guidance as to when we will be able to meet up and start singing again. There has recently been some encouraging news with professional artists allowed to rehearse…