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With the gradual easing of Covid lockdown restrictions, the hope is that Ipswich Choral Society will be able to resume in-person rehearsals soon. From 17 May, choirs will be able meet indoors in Covid-secure venues once a risk assessment has been undertaken to ensure social distancing measures are in place. The ICS committee is working […]

The choir have still not been able to meet up in person throughout the Autumn Term, however we have not been idle. We have continued to meet online for both rehearsals and social events. In the latest of these, our Christmas Social, a good time was had by all singing carols and taking part in […]

Ipswich Choral Society rehearsals will continue via Zoom for the start of the new term until further notice. All current ICS members will have received a letter from Phil Powditch, Chair of ICS, regarding the arrangements for the new term and member subscriptions. Despite the recent changes to COVID-19 guidance relating to non-professional musicians, choirs […]

Like all choirs and many musicians in the country, we are eagerly awaiting guidance as to when we will be able to meet up and start singing again. There has recently been some encouraging news with professional artists allowed to rehearse and perform again in certain controlled circumstances along with the commitment from government that […]

An interesting first for Ipswich Choral Society, holding our Annual General Meeting via Zoom. The COVID-19 lockdown presented the committee with a real challenge on how to manage the 2020 AGM. Usually held before a rehearsal, the choir has not been able to meet up for rehearsal since 10 March, and the May deadline for […]

Ipswich Choral Society rehearsals have been suspended until further notice in response to the Government announcements related to the COVID-19 outbreak. It is unclear at this stage when rehearsals will start back again, however the ICS Committee are monitoring the situation and will advise as soon as possible. The Come and Sing Day on 4 […]

Ipswich Choral Society is keen to support local charities, both financially with fund-raising events and by raising awareness amongst ICS members and concert audiences. Our chosen charity for 2019 is the Suffolk Law Centre and we will be helping raise awareness at concerts and community events this year. Why does Suffolk need a Law Centre? […]

Starting with Purcell and through to big Romantic classics, before moving onto Gilbert and Sullivan, then finishing with modern stage music. Ipswich Choral Society will be charting the history of the chorus on stage for their autumn concert on 17 November at Ipswich School. Music Director Robin Walker conducts the choir through a programme incorporating […]