The Committee is made-up of the following posts:

Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Conductor/Musical Director, Assistant Conductor, Voice Representative from each section, Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass, Publicity Officer, Librarian, Social Secretary, Concert Manager, Recruitment Officer, Ipswich Arts Association Representative.

Chairman - Christine Pearce


I joined the Ipswich Choral Society in 1998. Never having sung in a large choir before I was really nervous to begin with, but the choir members made me welcome and were helpful and patient with me while I was learning 'the ropes'. What do I get from the choir experience? Well, friendship certainly, and the sheer joy of being part of a big sound. I'm learning a great deal about music and have thoroughly enjoyed our concerts and singing trips abroad.

Vice Chairman - Michael Robertson

Vice Chairman

I help to run the society. In my role, I have been involved in all sorts of things from designing posters, to fund-raising, to setting up staging, organising concerts and recording some of them. I have been in the Choral Society for 28 years, and have enjoyed the challenge and variety of the music that we sing. I have sometimes thought when we have just started rehearsing a new piece, "I don't like this much", but by the time we are ready to perform it, I always find that I really enjoy the piece. Singing is good exercise and after a hard day's work, it is a good way to unwind.

Treasurer - Linda Scott


I keep control of the finances and the membership list.

Recruitment Officer - Laura Albins

Recruitment Officer

I joined the society around two years ago, having previously sung whilst at college. I have found Ipswich Choral Society very friendly and welcoming, a great place to meet people and sing brilliant music and despite being relatively inexperienced at singing in a group, I have always found my fellow ICS singers helpful and supportive. Probably most importantly for me, as a mum with two small kids, the choir provides a much needed dose of sanity and tranquillity amidst the chaos.

Secretary - Sue Sinclair


When the call came for a new secretary last year I offered to fill the gap, having joined the choir earlier in 2011. I have sung and enjoyed singing all my life, but not choirs. I do not read music so find extra ways of learning music via recordings, or music highlighting my part (alto). Learning to decipher 'music language' is giving me a buzz. ICS members are warm folk who help each other learn to sing and interpret music; for me difficult stuff sometimes, and like a laugh, I get a kick out of hearing voice parts sing together. I need to get to grips with the music, but as with so much in my life the satisfaction I feel is proportionate to the practice I put in. I think we work and play hard. Why, because we want an audience to have as good a time as we've had. Come and hear us, better still come and join us, we would love to meet you.

Soprano Voice Representative & Correspondence Secretary- Wendy Jefferson

Soprano Voice Representative

I rejoined the society in 2010 after a long break due to my absence from Ipswich on work commitments in London. When I originally joined John Cooper was the musical director and under his direction sang many memorable concerts in the Corn Exchange and Bury St Edmunds Cathedral. I remember when our present Conductor first made his appearance! I find the choir very friendly and I look forward to welcoming new members to the Soprano Section.

Alto Voice Representative - Rachel Travers

Alto Voice Representative

Ever since primary school choir I've enjoyed singing in groups - at least a dozen over the years, from massive university choirs to twelve-voice madrigal groups. But ICS is the friendliest of them all and has a wide repertoire which always keeps me interested, as well as some memorable foreign tours. Now that I've retired from teaching modern languages it's time to do my bit for the Amazing Altos.

Tenor Voice Representative - Paul Armstrong

Tenor Voice Representative

Having been in the choir for a few years, it was time to support the choir more actively and so I became the Tenor Rep in 2009. Whilst the Tenor section is the smallest in number, (the quality not requiring the quantity of other sections), we have a tradition of causing the most trouble and I see my role as upholding such fine traditions and the occasional bit of organisational work for the section and the wider choir.

Bass Voice Representative - Peter Brunning

Bass Voice Representative

I Joined ICS in September 2003 - I enjoy singing the various types music, the touring abroad plus the social side of meeting people from all walks of life. I been the representative for the Basses since 2007 and as such, represent the basses on the main committee. As a voice representative I am on the music sub-committee helping to select items for forthcoming concerts

Publicity Officer - Fenella Andrews

Publicity Officer

On moving to Ipswich, I decided to return back to singing and joined Ipswich Choral Society in January 2008 (having previously sung when I was (much!) younger whilst at Leeds University and with Preston Cecilian Choral Society). I love singing as part of a large choir and being a member of ICS has meant I've been able to make new friends in Ipswich as well. Initially helping out as part the ICS Publicity team, I became Publicity officer at the May 2010 AGM. There is a lot to organise with the general ICS publicity and concert promotions during the year. Fortunately, there is a fantastic team of choir members to help out to ensure everything gets done on time.

Social Secretary - June Catling

Social Secretary

My association with the choir began in September 1984 when my late husband joined the choir and was 'roped in' to help with the Christmas Coffee morning. A year later the responsibility was handed over to me and suffice to say I have been here ever since, and I still don't actually sing!!!!
Please see the Support Us pages with details of the fund raising activities undertaken.

Librarian - Graham Popple

I joined the choir 5 years ago now and I wished I'd done so years earlier. The choir is just brilliant on many levels - the people are great; the rehearsals are always fun (but yet we work hard); we sing all sorts of music, so I'm getting educated; and then we wind down after rehearsals with a social drink at the pub. I like to think that we are carrying on the traditions of the choir's founder members in 1824.

Ipswich Arts Association Representative - Simon Snowden

The Ipswich Arts Association supports the work of arts organisations, individual performers and issues in the Ipswich area. My role is to attend IAA meetings, keep aware of local events and issues and to feed back to the committee any relevant information which may be of help or interest to the Ipswich Choral Society.

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Saturday, 2 December 2017, 7.30pm

Britten's Ceremony of Carols
The Great School
Ipswich School
Ivry Street
Ipswich IP1 3QW

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Goodall's Eternal Light: A Requiem
Corn Exchange
Ipswich IP1 1DH

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